Advisory Functions

We’re here to consult on all facets of your business and provide you with all the tools you require to continue to innovate and stride ahead.

We understand that not all businesses have routine requirements and fall back on consultants such as ourselves for Operational, Strategic or Management Strategy. The Backspace is here to consult on all facets of your business and provide you with all the tools you require to continue to innovate and stride ahead.

Advisory Functions Services include

Our team can map out a Tax plan to optimize taxation impact on your company. We have a dedicated Tax planning team to help your business structure its investments in a Tax-friendly manner to minimize the impact of tax.

We can provide a one-time advisory study on structuring of salary for the entire organization to minimize tax liability on each of the employees, owners and directors of your organization.

We provide MIS reporting in the format which would be most advantageous to your business depending on the nature of business. We typically would do an analysis on several fronts and present the information at the end of every month to the client so that you can make informed decisions for the next period.

At the end of the month a budget vs estimated sheet study can be prepared for clients to allow a 360 degree review of the month passed and a study can be done on how to improve operational efficiency which will improve our clients bottom-line.

Typically whenever a company receives funds or makes payments to a Foreign Investor or Supplier or Customer there are a few RBI formalities which need to be completed such as KYC, FCGPR and other such procedures. We can take complete responsibility and ensure that your company is not in violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act and have a seamless experience.

Mergers and Acquisitions and internal restructurings are becoming the norm for businesses seeking growth and efficiencies. With a rapid growth cycle comes a time of consolidation and achieving economies of scale.

We provide comprehensive solutions for all aspects of M&A and restructuring activities including due diligence, acquisitions, mergers and demergers.

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Why Us

Brief Summary of our Firm and Partners

Full-service Team

We have a full-service team which includes Chartered Accountants, Account Managers, Senior Accountants, Junior Accountants, PF Consultants, and CS Consultants.

One-stop Shop

Our ambit of services includes accounting, taxation (direct, indirect and international), audit, secretarial work, RBI, FIPB, etc. These services enable our clients to enjoy a one-stop shop for all their finance and accounting needs.


Whilst accounting could be interpreted as a simple debit/credit record-keeping services, the know-how of the above additional services differentiate us from the rest.

Manage Complex Issues

We have handled and structured tax efficiently various transactions involving complex direct and indirect tax issues, inbound/outbound investments, capital gains, department representations, etc.

Smart Payroll Handling

We do not simply process the payroll of a Company but structure the salary in the most tax efficient manner thereby reducing the tax burden on employees and increasing the take-home amounts.


Cost-effective and practical solutions to client’s problems

Indian & Overseas Customers

Vast experience in providing assurance, taxation and advisory services to Indian and Overseas entities

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated team for each assignment which includes 3 personnel: A Partner for the overview, a CA / Account Manager for review and a Senior / Junior Accountant for data entry

Holistic Soltuions

All services under one roof giving a 360-degree view for any advice given

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